Explore a vast industrial hulk with your trusty climbing axes in this eerie first person platformer


Lorn’s Lure (opens in new tab), an upcoming indie from solo developer Rubeki, instantly hooked me with its free demo on Steam. This first person plstformer has you playing an android exploring the vast, industrial ruins of a lost civilization, pursuing some manner of biblically accurate angel-come-glitch in reality through the impossibly ancient rusted hulk.

Playing Lorn’s Lure reminded me of last year’s fantastic Scorn (opens in new tab) in a weird way⁠—it’s a vastly different gameplay experience and things are certainly more low-fi and less icky than with Scorn, but these unnerving apocalyptic vistas are still familiar—the Lorn’s Lure demo level made me feel like I was crawling through the innards of some colossal beast in the same way Scorn did. It’s great stuff, bolstered by an eerie ambient soundtrack.


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