Call of Duty’s going to Alt + F4 itself if it catches players turning on aim assist while using a mouse

modern warfare 3

Call of Duty has a new shortcut for mouse and keyboard users trying to activate aim assist: Alt + F4. According to a tweet posted to the official Call of Duty Updates Twitter account Tuesday, the game has buffed up its security systems to automatically kill your game—as in MW3.exe itself—if it catches you using a tool to turn on the game’s assist while using a mouse. The new measure works across Modern Warfare 2, 3, and Warzone.

“Our security detection systems now target players using tools to activate aim assist while using a mouse and keyboard,” reads the tweet, “The Call of Duty application will close if detected.” It gets worse if you keep trying it: “Repeated use of these tools may lead to further account action,” says COD Updates.