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The final day of the PMPL South Asia Season 4 finals ended with Wizzes with Vibes winning it with 187 points. The team managed to take 85 kills out of the 18 matches played. The squad also got 102 placement points with 2 chicken dinners. A total of $55,000 USD was spread among the teams and players in the PMPL South Asia finals. Wizzes with Vibes took home $10,000 for winning the finals. Top from Stalwart Esports was picked as the MVP of the finals for his outstanding gun skills throughout the event.

Deadeyes Guys finished at the 2nd spot with 187 points including the 92 kill points. Although the top two teams had same points, Wizzes with Vibes took the first position due to high placement points. The third spot on the leaderboard was taken by Vibes Esports with 181 points.

PMPL South Asia Finals Overall Standings

  • Wizzes With Vibes – 187 points
  • Deadeyes Guys – 187 points
  • Vibes Esports – 181 points
  • DRS Gaming – 177 points
  • i8 Esports – 158 points
  • Stalwart Esports – 153 points
  • Trained to Kill – 143 points
  • A1 Esports – 142 points
  • Future Station 1952 – 138 points
  • Ruthless Aggressive Warriors – 128 points
  • Seal Esports – 116 points
  • Zeus Esports – 107 points
  • High Voltage – 101 points
  • Bablu x Clarity Esports – 88 points
  • R3D Esports – 77 points
  • 7Sea Esports – 53 points

Zeus Esports who got placed third in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0: Finals could not qualify for the PMPL MENA & SA Championship. It was a major setback for the team and a shocking results for the fans who were expecting top 3 finishes from the team. A1 Esports, Trained to Kill and Future Station 1952 could not make their way through the next event.


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The top 6 teams from the PMPL South Aisa Season 4 finals will qualify for the PMPL MENA & South Asia Championship along with the top teams from Arabia, Asia Wildcard, and Africa. Here is the list of teams that will compete from the South Asia region.

  • Wizzes With Vibes
  • Deadeyes Guys
  • Vibes Esports
  • DRS Gaming
  • i8 Esports
  • Stalwart Esports

The PMPL MENA & South Asia Championship is scheduled to take place from 11th – 14th November, 2021. The organizers have not reveled the number of teams that will qualify for the PUBG Mobile Global championship, which has a massive prize pool of $6M USD.

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