What Will be its Patch Size?

Valorant Agent Chamber: Abilities And More

The much-anticipated Valorant patch 3.10 is just around the corner, and fans of the competitive shooter can’t wait to know more about what’s to come with the new update. The 3.10 patch is set to bring with it a bunch of new content to the title, including the Sentinel agent Chamber, new weapon skins, and much more.

Chamber will possess a unique skill set that’ll enable him to hold down bombsites or take entry kills relatively easily, making him a great addition to any Valorant lineup. Take a quick look at the skills of Chamber here:

Valorant Chamber Release Date

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The developers have revealed that Chamber will be introduced in the live servers alongside the 3.10 patch on November 16, 2021.

Valorant Patch 3.10: Expected Patch Size

While the exact size of the 3.10 patch hasn’t been revealed by Riot as of yet, we can make an educated guess about what the size of the upcoming patch may be. These sort of major Valorant updates primarily range between 1.5 GB to 2 GB approximately. However, since the 3.10 patch will contain a lot more content than usual, players can expect the patch size to be north of 2 GB.

Other than the new agent, Valorant patch 3.10 will introduce the new ‘Magepunk 2.0’ bundle, a successor to the Magepunk series of weapon skins. The new patch will also bring changes to competitive queues and tournament restrictions alongside introducing Agent profiles that’ll enable players to set separate keybinds for Agents.

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