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Team Vitality have secured their spot at the Avicii Arena after a laboured win over Entropiq. This sets them up for a quarter finals finish at the least, and stickers in game for the first time for ‘misutaaa’ and ‘Kyojin’.

The French were 0-2 down on opening day, having lost both their games and on the verge of elimination. They completed the fairytale comeback after 3 consecutive wins over Evil Geniuses, Astralis and now Entropiq.

Entropiq shocked Gambit, Astralis and Heroic in their run at the Major and had 2 chances to secure their spot at the Major, but they lost to FURIA yesterday and today’s close loss to Vitality sent them home, but they impressed everyone with their performance.

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Entropiq started the game on their map pick of Mirage, and took a solid lead of 6-2, splitting the B bombsite multiple times. ‘Forester’ racked up 18 kills, along with ‘Krad’s 13 to set the tone early but ‘ZywOo’ was there to counter them. He helped Vitality get back into the game as they mounted 7 CT rounds.

Entropiq then seemed to run away with it, as the score read 14-10 and there was little bite in Vitality’s T side. It was then that IGL ‘apEX’ came alive, providing his team with an ACE and a 1v3 clutch to make the score 14-11. The clutch shattered the Russians, as they couldn’t win a single round after it as Vitality secured the win 16-14.

On the second map, Entropiq were in the driver’s seat from the get go. They shut down Vitality’s T side with ease, racking up 11 rounds on the CT side, needing just 5 on the T side. It was IGL ‘Nickelback’ this time stepping up for his side. Vitality did keep up on the CT side, not allowing Entropiq get a string of rounds, but they had too little to work with and succumbed to 16-13 loss on their own map pick.

Once we came to the decider on Dust2, Vitality absolutely ran the Russians Ragged. They couldn’t get anything done on the T side as world #1 ZywOo was a man possessed, shutting them down with the AWP. Vitality ended the half 13-2, the most one sided score at half time in the series. They comfortably got the 3 rounds on the T side to secure playoffs at the Avicii Arena.

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