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19 outlast Team Spirit packing » TalkEsport

PGL Major 2021

On the Swiss round 4 qualification match at PGL Major Stockholm, VP took on Team Spirit where the winner will make it to the New Legends Stage over the other. Both teams came into the match with a 2-1 record and shot at securing a place in the next stage. VP picked Inferno and Spirit went for Ancient with Overpass left if needed.

Inferno(VP 16-7 Spirit):

A strong T side to kick things off for, going all the way till 8 rounds in a map widely considered to be favoring the Counter Terrorists. Trading rounds in the entirity of the first half, pushed Spirit’s back to the wall.

CT side from VP had answers to eveything Spirit threw at them. Making it quick, a VP were quick to shut down evey attempt Spirit made, thus ending the match with a quick 16-7 scoreline.

Anceint(VP 12-16 Spirit):

VP brought their confidence over from Inferno, going 7-0 up before Spirit were able to answer back. Jame and co. seemd to be running away with the game before Spirit found themselves on the board, eventually crawled back up to end the half with a fair 10-5 scoreline.

The Defense from Team Spirit was arguable some the best Counter Strike they have played all tournamnet, with on point reads and a few timing and clutches going in their favor, they were able to put together a comeback. Following a pistol round defeat, Spirit let one more round slip before closing the map 16-12.

Overpass(VP 19-15 Spirit):

A CIS special in Overpass was wisely left by both teams as the decider. A quick 3-0 start for VP off the back of a psitol round victory, with Spirit quickly getting on board to make it a very competitive first half.

Spirit off the back of a pistol victory reached a lead of 7 rounds, trailing VP with a 14-7 scoreline where VP showed enough resilience to make a comeback and push it to overtime. Once OT kicked off, Spirit stood no chance and VP took it home in a very one sided fashion, 19-15.