Valve Releases Player Autographs for Top 8 Teams at PGL Major » TalkEsport

Valve Releases Player Autographs for Top 8 Teams at PGL Major » TalkEsport

Valve fulfilled their promise of releasing Player Autographs for the teams that made it to the playoffs of the PGL Major, and shipped a new update to add them to the game. This time around, 2 types of capsules are available to choose from.

The champions capsule which includes the signatures of the Major winning team – NaVi and the players – s1mple, electronic, Boombl4, Perfecto and B1T.

The other capsule contains signatures from the other 7 playoff teams – G2, Gambit, FURIA, Team Vitality Heroic, Ninjas in Pyjamas and

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Player signatures before PGL Stockholm Major were available only in Paper or Gold rarities but this time around Holo player autographs are also available, giving the stickers a whole new look as one can see their favourite player’s name with a Holo effect after applying the sticker.

Valve received a lot of flak for only giving the top 8 teams player autographs, especially for not informing anyone and only announcing it via twitter days before the Major. Stickers were a way for players to immortalize their name in the Game, but these sudden changes meant that not all of the players could get their player autographs just yet. But with this new approach, Valve may scrap stickers for all players and only give them to teams who make it to the playoffs in the Majors to follow.

50% of proceedings from capsule sales would go to the players and organisations, Valve announced. They also released a new music kit for The Flashbang Dance by The Verkkars and ex-Cloud9 player Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert. This would be the second music kit by the Finnish pop band after their Hit song ‘EZ4ENCE’ also made it to the game. 

The full patch notes are as follows:


– Stockholm 2021 Autograph Capsules for Champions and Finalists are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the players and organizations.


– A new music kit “Flashbang Dance” by The Verkkars & n0thing is now available for purchase in-game.


– Smoke grenades will ignore players when detonating over burning fires and tracing to ground.

– Stability fixes.


Insertion II

– Tweaked hostage rescue zone making it smaller around the back side

– Fixed issue behind pizza where weapons fell through the ground

– Added one extra cubicle and desk in orange office

– Fixed so you can fit inside the top of the slide in playground

– Removed glass from the salad bar prop in Pizza that was unbreakable

– Various graphical, clipping and collision issues fixed


– Upgrades to middle, visually and to the gameplay

– Fixed loud door sound

– Added a powerful selfboost at the T side of middle

– Cubby at middle is now deeper

– Added a new piece of cover in the wine room hallway

– Windows at middle are now broken into pieces due to a classic smoke grenade issue. Before, players were visible inside the smoke when close to the breakable windows (Thanks Dapplication)

– Removed raised planters at CT spawn and middle

– Changed some building architecture

– More glass is now breakable

– Removed clipping atop the coushin boxes at T main allowing for a new boost spot (Thanks Quoting)

– Replaced nodraw on rooftops with roof textures

– Lowered volume of the helicopter

– Small tweaks to clipping around the map

– Updated radar image

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