Valorant’s Next Patch 6.11 to Nerf Run and Gun: Report

Valorant, the popular first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, is set to undergo significant changes in its upcoming Patch 6.11. The main focus of this patch is rumored to be an overhaul of weapon accuracy, specifically targeting run-and-gun tactics. These changes aim to address concerns raised by the community regarding unfair advantages associated with certain weapons. In this article, we will delve into the details of the upcoming alterations and their potential impact on gameplay.

Patch 6.11 and Weapon Accuracy Changes

According to reputable insider Mike|Valorant Leaks & News on Twitter, Riot Games plans to implement adjustments to weapon accuracy in Patch 6.11. The primary objective of these changes is to reduce the effectiveness of run-and-gun strategies. The alteration involves decreasing the probability of bullets hitting the precise center of the crosshair when the player is in motion. This modification will introduce a higher level of difficulty in hitting opponents while on the move.

Concerns over Run-and-Gun Tactics

Run-and-gun tactics have long been a subject of debate within the Valorant community. Players have expressed their frustration with strategies that allow for swift movement while maintaining high accuracy. One weapon that has attracted significant criticism is the Judge. Renowned for its ability to deal substantial damage with minimal accuracy requirements, the Judge has often been associated with run-and-gun playstyles.

Impact on Shotguns

The upcoming accuracy adjustment raises questions regarding the future effectiveness of shotguns in Valorant. Shotguns have traditionally been favored for their forgiving nature, not relying heavily on pinpoint accuracy. If the accuracy of shotguns is reduced, it may undermine their core purpose within the game. Valorant enthusiasts are curious to see how this change will affect the balance of shotgun-based gameplay.

Significance for Primary Weapons

While the focus of the accuracy modification is primarily on run-and-gun tactics, it is expected to have implications for other primary weapons as well. Weapons like the Vandal, Phantom, and especially the Spectre may experience a noticeable impact. The Spectre, despite not being a shotgun, is a favored choice for players who engage in run-and-shoot gameplay. Its high rate of fire allows players to land multiple shots on their target, even when emptying an entire magazine.

The Spectre and Run-and-Shoot Playstyle

The Spectre, a submachine gun in Valorant, has gained popularity among players who adopt a run-and-shoot playstyle. Its versatility and maneuverability make it a formidable choice for engaging enemies while on the move. With the proposed accuracy changes, the effectiveness of the Spectre in run-and-shoot scenarios may be significantly altered. Players will need to adapt their strategies to compensate for the reduced accuracy.

Effect on Pre-firing Techniques

Pre-firing, a technique employed by skilled players in Valorant, may face a decline in effectiveness due to the accuracy adjustment. Pre-firing involves firing at an anticipated target’s location before they have a chance to react. However, if the accuracy is reduced, pre-firing may no longer yield the desired results. This change may prompt players to explore alternative strategies for gaining an advantage in combat situations.

Other Changes in Patch 6.11

Alongside the weapon accuracy adjustments, Patch 6.11 is expected to introduce additional changes to improve gameplay balance. Chamber skills, for instance, are set to receive a significant buff, enhancing their overall effectiveness. Viper’s toxin regeneration rate, known for its potency, is slated for a nerf to bring it more in line with other agent abilities. Furthermore, the range at which Trademark remains active will be expanded, and the time required for it to become active after deployment will be shortened. Chamber’s ultimate ability, Tour De Force, will see a 15% increase in firing speed.

Anticipation and Expectations for Patch 6.11

The Valorant community eagerly awaits Patch 6.11, as it promises to bring a notable shift in gameplay dynamics. Riot Games’ commitment to refining weapon accuracy and addressing specific agent abilities demonstrates their dedication to ensuring a balanced and enjoyable experience for players. The upcoming changes hold the potential to reshape the meta and foster new strategies, injecting fresh excitement into the game.


1. Will the accuracy changes affect all weapons in Valorant? The accuracy changes in Patch 6.11 primarily target run-and-gun tactics, but their impact may extend to other weapons as well. Shotguns, in particular, are expected to undergo noticeable changes.

2. Is the Spectre going to be significantly affected by the accuracy modification? As a weapon commonly used in run-and-shoot playstyles, the Spectre is likely to be affected by the accuracy changes. Players relying on its high rate of fire may need to adjust their strategies accordingly.

3. How will the accuracy adjustment impact pre-firing techniques? The accuracy adjustment may diminish the effectiveness of pre-firing techniques in Valorant. Players will need to adapt their strategies to account for the reduced accuracy.

4. What other changes can we expect in Patch 6.11? Aside from the accuracy adjustments, Patch 6.11 will introduce buffs to Chamber skills, a nerf to Viper’s toxin regeneration rate, and changes to Trademark’s activation range and timing. Chamber’s ultimate ability will also receive a firing speed increase.

5. When can we expect Patch 6.11 to be released? The exact release date of Patch 6.11 has not been announced yet. Valorant players are eagerly awaiting further updates from Riot Games regarding the patch’s arrival.

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