Unsurprisingly, the Nier Automata anime is stuffed with secret codes that fans are already deciphering

If the Nier series does one thing exceptionally well, it’s getting its fanbase to meticulously observe every minute detail for hidden secrets. That’s still very much the case for Nier Automata Ver1.1a, the new anime adaptation that hit Crunchyroll earlier this month. In typical Yoko Taro fashion, there are already strange clues and cryptic messages buried within its first two episodes and of course, fans are already at work deciphering them.

As spotted by Kotaku (opens in new tab), secret and seemingly nonsense messages have been hidden within the episodes’ eyecatches. If you’ve ever seen an episode of anime you’ll be familiar with an eyecatch—small transitional images or clips that act as a small intermission between the episode. Nier Automata Ver1.1a’s eyecatches are seemingly very basic at first glance, until you manage to pause it at the correct moment.


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