Tyloo Survive Sharks Scare to go 1-1 on First Day of PGL Major Stockholm » TalkEsport

Tyloo Survive Sharks Scare to go 1-1 on First Day of PGL Major Stockholm » TalkEsport

Asia’s best team, Tyloo beat Brazilian team Sharks in a closely contested game of Mirage to avoid going 0-2 on Day 1 of the Major. Both of these teams were picked by the majority of players as the team that would go out without a win, and with them facing each other a lot of them may have messed Pick em’s by a huge margin. But that has little repercussions on Tyloo as they join Entropiq, Team Spirit and Renegades in the 1-1 club after they lost to Heroic earlier.


1. TYLOO removed Nuke

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2. TYLOO removed Dust2

3. Sharks removed Overpass

4. Sharks removed Inferno

5. Sharks removed Ancient

6. TYLOO removed Vertigo

7. Mirage was leftover

For the first time, Mirage was played at the PGL Major and it couldn’t have been any better. Both the teams brought their A game and it was difficult to choose a winner. Tyloo started off with a stomp, taking a lead of 6-1 before the Brazilians could get a hold of things. After a good start, they cooled off and could only manage 2 more rounds, spread sporadically to end the half 8-7.


After the switch, it was the Brazilian’s turn to pump up the gears as they went on a streak of their own to take the lead, 12-9.

But it was a great individual effort by YuanZhang ‘Attacker’ Sheng to power the Chinese to 14 rounds to Sharks’ 12. They traded rounds back and forth at the end to make it as close as possible, but the Asians reigned supreme as they ended the map 16-14.

Tyloo are now 1-1 in Challengers Stage while Sharks join the other 2 Brazilian teams – paiN and GODSENT and also defending champions Astralis at 0-2. All of them will play Bo3 Elimination Games to remain in contention for the Legends Stage.

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