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The Wild Rift roster of TSM FTX has been charged with a fine of 7000 Brazilian Real or $1,283 for violating some rules at Wild Tour 2021 finals. According to the official reading, TSM athlete Pedro “Anak” Ribeiro behaved offensively on live platform and due to that, the player as well as organization are penalized.

Riot Games is currently hosting multiple regional tournaments that will collectively give seeding slots for their first ever international event, Horizon Cup. The Brazilian qualifiers are called Wild Tour 2021 and TSM has emerged victorious in this tournamemt.

During the finals event, their athlete Pedro “Anak” Ribeiro misbehaved on a live stream by making inappropriate gestures at their opponents. Riot Games quickly took action on this rude behavior and charged the player as well as TSM for making an obscene incident on live stream.

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The official reading says:

“On 10/10/2021, the Season Officials identified an abusive behavior carried out by TSM members during the competition, causing damage to Riot facilities. After this happened, the athlete Pedro “Anak” Ribeiro, from the TSM team, had an offensive behavior during the celebration of the title on the competition stage, making insulting gestures to the camera, directly reaching the fair play. We expect team members to maintain a cordial and respectful behavior both in and out of the game, and we cannot tolerate abusive behavior and any kind of offensive language. Such conduct is considered serious and violates official Wild Tour regulations. This kind of attitude will always be seriously evaluated and punished accordingly.”

Riot Games have taken these actions on the basis of rule 16.11 Disruptive Behavior/Insults and rule 16.12 Abusive Behavior from their official rule book.

This clearly states that Anak was rude to his opponents and Riot Games will not entertain such actions to maintain competitive integrity and respect. As a result of this offence, the team was also suspended from official Wild Rift tournaments for two days.


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