This rendercore shoot ’em up is the first Vampire Survivors riff to really make me feel something


I liked Vampire Survivors, a lot (opens in new tab). Indeed, we all liked it so much that it inspired a wave of imitators (opens in new tab), some with genuinely bright ideas and clever twists. Picayune Dreams (opens in new tab), though, which recently got a beefy free demo on Steam, is the first one to take that horde mode, bullet hell gameplay in a new direction, to repurpose it instead of just following the leader (credit to Alpha Beta Gamer (opens in new tab) for the spot).

The Vampire Survivors basics are here: you’re dropped in a big, repeating play field where more and more dangerous enemies stream in as time goes on. Beating them drops experience pickups you use to level up, with a choice of three randomly selected upgrades and new weapons to pick from demanding improvisational build crafting.

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