These top 5 mobile games made the most money in Q3 2021

Top 5 Mobile Games Q3 2021 MEGPlay

Mobile gaming is huge, and continues to grow each year as more people lay their hands on more powerful smartphones.

For Q3 2021, these 5 mobile games took the top spot for cumulatively generating revenues of over $15 billion in total.

Top 5 mobile games by revenues (All Time up to Q3 2021)

  1. PUBG Mobile (Top spot)
  2. Honor of Kings
  3. Genshin Impact
  4. Pokémon Go
  5. Roblox

These games have continued to dominate app store rankings, and continue being the top grossing mobile games of all time.

Top 5 mobile games by App Store revenues (Q3 2021 only)

  1. Honor of Kings
  2. PUBG Mobile
  3. Genshin Impact
  4. Roblox
  5. 3 Kingdom Tactics

On iOS, it appears that Pokémon Go did not take the top 5 spot.

Top 5 mobile games by Google Play revenues (Q3 2021 only)

  1. Genshin Impact
  2. Garena Free Fire
  3. Coin Master
  4. Odin: Valhalla Rising
  5. Pokémon Go