The Last of Us co-creator ‘isn’t getting a credit or a nickel’ from the HBO show

In the wake of its success as an HBO adaptation, The Last of Us has recently been hailed as one of gaming’s greatest stories, with Neil Druckmann widely created as its creator. But if you check the credits on Mobygames (opens in new tab), you’ll notice that the game director is actually a guy named Bruce Straley. And despite his deep connection to the game, and a long career at Naughty Dog, Straley said in an interview with the LA Times (opens in new tab) that he’s been completely excluded from the show.

Straley was an early hire at Naughty Dog—the 15th employee, he said on Twitter (opens in new tab) in 2014—and has credits on games including CTR: Crash Team Racing and the original Jak and Daxter trilogy. In 2007, he was one of two art directors on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and then moved up to game director on Uncharted 2—on which Druckmann worked as a lead designer. The pair then teamed up for The Last of Us, with Straley as game director and Druckmann as creative director.

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