The Callisto Protocol adds NG+ and makes you immune while vaulting

The Callisto Protocol has been updated with a New Game + mode (opens in new tab), which after patching will be available to all players who’ve already finished the game. The mode allows players to carry over their progression into an even tougher runthrough, with all their previous gear collectable at the first Reforge station.

There’s also a minor gameplay tweak that will see players no longer take damage when vaulting over obstacles. The vault is a very slow animation, so you get hit a lot while doing it, and being on the other side of things is often the best way to not get destroyed by monsters. Interestingly enough this is how Resident Evil 4, the game that is the north star for Dead Space and the Callisto Protocol, implements vaulting, with Leon enjoying a brief period of invincibility that often saves his ass.

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