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Teams, Format, PMGC Qualifications » TalkEsport

Peacekeeper Elite League is the official Chinese league of the “Peacekeeper Elite” a Chinese rebranded version of the famous mobile game “PUBG Mobile“. PEL Season 4 is going on with the best Peacekeeper Elite teams of the region. We have our top 20 Chinese teams that will be playing in the Peace Elite League (PEL) 2021 Season 4.

PEL 2021 Season 4 is scheduled to start from today, 21st October 2021. It will be a five-week-long event where the teams will be competing for a massive prize pool and PMGC qualification. The PEL S4 Regular Season will be played for 5 weeks where the top 15 teams will qualify for the finals.

PEL 2021 Season 4 Teams

  • Nova Esports
  • Tianba
  • JD Esports
  • Six Two Eight
  • TeamPai
  • Four Angry Men
  • Qing Jiu Club
  • Regans Gaming
  • ThunderTalk Gaming (Former Team Game)
  • All Gamers
  • Team Weibo
  • The Chosen
  • ShowTime
  • Titan Esports Club
  • Still Moving Under Gunfire
  • Action Culture Technology
  • Da Kun Gaming
  • LGD Gaming
  • Tong Jia Bao Esports
  • Royal Never Give Up

The PEL Season 4 finals is scheduled to take place from November 25th – November 28th, 2021. Each team will play a total of 20 matches (5 matches each day) which will determine the PEL Season 4 champions.

PMGC 2021 Qualfication

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In each season of Peacekeeper Elite League 2021, the top eight teams from each event will earn Championship Points. The Championship Point values increase with each season’s multiplier effect. After the completion of all seasons, the top two teams with highest CPs will qualify for PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021.

Here are the top three teams that have the maximum championship points after the completion of PEL Season 3 finals.

  • Nova Esports – 32 points
  • Tong Jia Bao Esports – 26 points
  • ShowTime – 18 points

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