Team Mortal and Team Ghatak Knocked Out From BGMI Rising 2023

The excitement of the BGMI Rising 2023 launch party continued on its second day with the elimination of 32 sides, including prominent teams like Team Mortal and Team Ghatak. This four-day event is divided into three stages, starting with the Round of 64, followed by the semifinals. Only 32 out of the initial 64 teams have managed to qualify, setting the stage for an intense battle among the remaining competitors on Sunday, June 4.

The Three Stages of the BGMI Rising Event

The BGMI Rising event unfolds in three stages, each more challenging than the last. The Round of 64 acts as the initial screening phase, where teams compete to secure a place in the semifinals. Following this, the top eight sides from each group move on to the Semifinals, while the remaining squads bid farewell to the event. In the Semifinals, the qualified teams face off against each other in over seven matches, including two challenge battles. This rigorous phase determines the final 16 teams advancing to the Rising Finals.

Semifinals: The Battle among the Top Eight Teams

As the BGMI Rising event progresses, the top eight teams from each group are set to engage in fierce competition during the Semifinals. These highly skilled squads will showcase their strategies and gameplay in a series of matches, vying for a spot in the coveted Rising Finals. With each team hungry for victory, the competition promises to be exhilarating and closely contested.

Team Mortal’s Disappointing Performance in the Early Stage

In an unexpected turn of events, Team Mortal, part of Group A, faced an early exit from the BGMI Rising contest. Despite boasting a star-studded lineup featuring BGMI star creators Mortal, Regaltos, Aman, and Viper, they could only manage to secure one frag point and nine and a half placement points, placing them sixteenth within their group. Their journey started with a lackluster performance, and unfortunately, their chances further dwindled when Apollo from Team Sensei eliminated Aman and Regaltos in the first game. In the second classic match, Team Cyber Squad dealt the final blow, eliminating them without scoring any points in the Bootcamp area of Sanhok.

Ghatak and Squad’s Close Departure from the BGMI Event

Another notable departure from the BGMI Rising event was Ghatak and his squad consisting of Blind Joker, Spower, and Sayyam. Their journey took an unfortunate turn in their first match on Sanhok, where they found themselves chasing the circle, ultimately resulting in an early exit. However, a commendable performance in the second classic map propelled them to the third position, securing a 10th-place finish overall. They managed to eliminate nine enemies and accumulate 28 placement points, bringing their total to 37 points. Regrettably, their efforts fell short of qualifying for the semifinals.

The BGMI Rising event boasts an impressive prize pool of 10 Lakhs INR, making it an enticing competition for teams and players. The winning team will be awarded 2.5 Lakhs INR, followed by 1.5 Lakhs INR for the second-place team and 1 Lakh INR for the third-place team. With such substantial rewards up for grabs, the intensity and determination of the participating teams are at an all-time high.

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