Summit1g shows his insane $7500 sim racing rig

Summit1g shows his insane $7500 sim racing rig

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Jaryd Lazar aka Summit1g is not any stranger to expensive gears given his popularity but a $7500 racing simulator rig is one for the showcase and he got his hands on one of them.

Summit is a variety streamer, which means he isn’t restricted to just one title or genre of video games, unlike many others. This freedom gives him the ability to try new games every now and then which keeps his viewers engaged and anything but bored. From games of different genres, Lazar has taken an interest in racing games which made him put together a racing simulator rig worth around $7500. One may say Forza Horizon 5 hype is getting out of hands.

Sim racing rig specs:

With more parts to arrive, everything in the photo has racked up to $4500 which is already a lot. Goes without saying, a racing rig isn’t just about mouse and keyboard, what goes along is a pair of driving wheels and pedals and that puts quite the dent in one’s pockets.

  • Next Level Racing GTtrack Cockpit – $937.00
  • Next Level Racing FGT Elite Quad Monitor Stand – $800.00
  • Logitech G920 Driving Wheel and Pedals – $300.00
  • Elgato Streamdeck – $150.00
  • 4x HP X24ih IPS Gaming Monitor – $1020.00
  • Sim Racing PC – $1500.00

It is certain that the rig hasn’t taken its final shape just yet which will see the total worth of the setup skyrocket to $7500.

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