Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion Legacy of the Sith comes out December 14

Legacy of the Sith, the big expansion celebrating the 10th anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be out on December 14. BioWare announced the date during a livestream with the development team, following an interview with Enuka Okuma, who voices returning character Tau Idair.

Legacy of the Sith will send players to the planet Manaan, aka that one water world from Knights of the Old Republic where you got attacked by all the sharks. This time, you’ll be on Manaan to find out what renegade sith Darth Malgus is up to, as well as catching up with various returning story characters like the aforementioned Tau Idair, Arn Peralun, Major Anri, Lana Beniko, and Darth Rivix. There’s also a new flashpoint on a snow planet called Elom, and releasing shortly after, an operation called R-4 Anomaly set on a research base run by a creepy Sith cult.

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