Spirit Demolish Tyloo, BIG Reign Supreme Over Renegades to go 2-1 » TalkEsport

Spirit Demolish Tyloo, BIG Reign Supreme Over Renegades to go 2-1 » TalkEsport

Both the European sides one-upped their Asian and Oceanic counterparts to go 2-1 in the Challengers Stage of the PGL Major. Both Spirit and BIG just need 1 win now to confirm their spots at the Legends Stage of the Major.

Spirit had previously lost to FaZe but bounced back versus GODSENT while Tyloo lost to Heroic but came back in a thriller against Sharks to go 1-1 each. 

Team Spirit vs Tyloo

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Team Spirit played Overpass for the second time in the Major, and made a statement with that pick, albeit against a weaker side. The start was close with the teams winning 2 rounds each to set the tone at 2-2. But with the economic factor out of the way, Spirit began their tear. They went on an 8 round streak, courtesy of a 1v2 clutch from Abdul ‘degster’ Gasanov. The story was the same as yesterday vs Heroic for Tyloo as they lost all 4 clutches this time around and couldn’t win a single one themselves.

The CIS side only allowed 1 odd round for the Asians as they closed the CT half at 12-3. The streak continued into the T side as Leonid ‘chopper’ Vishnyakov called a flawless T side to end the map 16-3. Viktor ‘sdy’ Orudzhev stood out for them as he notched up 21 kills and died just 8 times on his B site holds to power through to a win.

BIG vs Renegades

BIG overcame the Aussies, but it wasn’t without breaking a sweat although it appeared that way in the first half. The Germans, known for their utility usage and anti-strats made great use of the Grenade dropping meta and with Johanes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz at the helm, they picked into the utility heavy map Inferno. He led from the front as BIG went 12 rounds in a row without a lost round and threatened a 16-0. Renegades finally fought back at the end with 2 rounds to end the half at 13-2 but it was too little, or so it appeared.

Renegades had their own streak of 4 T rounds, in the search for a respectable scoreline at least. They did make the Germans sweat, never allowing them a streak of rounds. But needing just 3 at the end, BIG closed it out with a round here and there to end the map 16-9 in their favor.

Team Spirit and BIG are one win away from a Legends Stage appearance while Tyloo and Renegades go down to the 1-2 bracket and await their opponents. 

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