Spacestation Gaming unveil Oats Overnight partnership

Spacestation Gaming unveil Oats Overnight partnership

North American esports organisation Spacestation Gaming (SSG) has announced an exclusive partnership with breakfast fast food company Oats Overnight.

The partnership marks Oats Overnight’s entry into esports and will feature branded content and ad placement campaigns, starting mid-November.

Image credit: Spacestation Gaming

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Oats Overnight describes itself as a premium breakfast fast food company with high-protein, spoon-free breakfast products. Its partnership with SSG is the esports organisation’s first exclusive food and beverage deal.

Organised by SSG’s brand campaign agency Moonwalk Media, the partnership will include a video series featuring SSG players titled ‘G.O.A.T.s Overnight’ and a gaming series on Twitch featuring players and Oats Overnight executives at SSG’s headquarters. Oats Overnight’s logo will also be present on the organisation’s jerseys.

Brian Tate, Founder and CEO of Oats Overnight, commented: “During my career as a professional poker player, I learned that peak mental performance cannot be reached without optimising physical health and nutrition. 

“Oats Overnight was born from this idea. Our mission aligns well with the gaming community and we look forward to growing with Spacestation and supporting this industry.” 

Additional campaigns will include monthly branded content from SSG and its creators on Twitch and social media, as well as announcements and additional content during LAN events.

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Moonwalk Media CEO Nick Garrett added: “Gaming has its fair share of energy drinks and powdered supplements for some quick fuel for streams, but Oats Overnight is just as efficient. It provides a healthy, protein-packed alternative. 

“We oppose the stereotype of gamers living an unhealthy lifestyle full of junk food. We know that creators in the space, especially on the SSG roster, prioritise their health and are excited to get involved with a product that promotes that.”

Esports Insider says: The gaming energy & supplements sector is – pun intended – highly saturated. As a fast, health-conscious breakfast food, Oats Overnight might just have a unique angle – it will be interesting to see if this partnership with Spacestation Gaming is enough to make waves.

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