Scammers have resorted to selling CPUs without dies, as a well-known Korean overclocker has discovered

A fake Intel Core i9 14900K with heat spreader removed

Scammers are among the lowest forms of life, but they can be crafty. In recent times there’s been an increase in the number of scams that try to rip people off by selling expensive items without the things that make them expensive items. Fake RTX 4090s are just one example. After all, it’s the chip under the hood that actually makes products like the RTX 4090 or i9 14900K. Take that out and you’re left with a whole lot of nothing. 

HKEPC (via Tom’s Hardware) reports that Safedisk, one of the world’s premier overclockers, fell victim to a scam where he bought a Core i9 14900K that wasn’t what it appeared to be. This wasn’t some low end i3 chip marked as a 14900K, though. It had no die at all, making it absolutely useless.