Redfall launches in May |

Arkane Austin’s first-person vampire shooter will launch for PC and Xbox Series X/S on 2nd May, including via Xbox Game Pass.

Tonight’s Xbox Developer_Direct gave us a fresh look at the game, including its fire station safehouse which appeared to be a place you pick up missions and head out to explore its world.

We saw footage of a player battling a “Shroud” vampire which cloaks the local area in darkness, giving the appearance of a more arena-style fight in close quarters.

Redfall closed out tonight’s Xbox Developer_Direct broadcast.

Outside of the game’s story campaign, we saw a couple of side missions, including one set in a vampire nest which will apparently shift each time you revisit it. There’s plenty of vampire shooting, as you head towards a central heart you must destroy – then extract against the clock.

A familiar-sounding Ubisof open world feature will see you clearing the game’s map district by district, with an “Underboss” battle to finally reclaim each area for good. After that, its onto the “Vampire Gods”.

So, what did you think of how Redfall is shaping up?

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