Position preference is coming to unranked PvP in Wild Rift » TalkEsport

Position preference is coming to unranked PvP in Wild Rift » TalkEsport

Recently, Riot Games announced the launch of a new feature in the upcoming Wild Rift Patch 2.5 update, Position Preference will be enabled in unranked PvP games. So before you get into a PvP match, you can now order your preferred positions (solo, jungle, mid, duo, support) from most to least preferred. From there, matchmaking will prioritize one of your top positions most of the time.

It’s still possible to get any position, but you’ll have more control over your preferences, even if you don’t get your top choice. While Position Preference will be enabled during new Patch 2.5, unranked PvP matches will remain blind pick, and will not feature champion bans.


The biggest difference is that in Wild Rift, you can specify your preference order for all positions. While the game cannot guarantee you’ll never get your least favorite position, the developers are aiming for you to get your top two in a majority of games. And when you don’t, they will use your preference settings to favor your third and fourth choices.


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Solo lane:

The developers used a singular shape of an axe to associate with the “solo” aspect of this lane, and the beefy, tanky champions who head there. They also applied some shape elements similar to Baron’s icon, bringing in the characteristics of the big purple beast.


They felt like the classic jungle icon was strong and indicative of the gameplay. Watch out for those brushes!

Mid lane:

The mid lane icon is a three-piece shape that puts more emphasis on the middle segment—with the two other lanes on the sides. They wanted to emphasize the flow and versatility, hinting at the style of play that mid laners crave: roaming, helping other lanes, and flashy plays.

Duo lane:

The new duo icon continues the trend of splitting the shape based on an associated number. The icon is formed of two vertical pistols to look like the weapons you’d likely see in the duo lane. If you look closely, you can see hints of the Dragon icon.


The classic support icon: sturdy, reliable, steadfast. A good support brings the whole team together. Never change!

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