Pokemon UNITE Halloween Update And Patch Notes

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One of the biggest and most interesting updates in the game.

Pokemon UNITE will release its Halloween update along with many changes and some fresh additions to the game. Some of the major highlights of the patch include nerfs to most trainers’ favorite Lucario, a new Pokemon and new rewards to celebrate the festival.

Major Changes In The Game

Starting with balancing updates on Pokemon, Pikachu, Slowbro, Gengar and Garchomp have got slight buffs to make them a better choice for trainers. The nerfs include Blastoise and Lucario. Venusaur has got nerf to Giga Drain, but buff to Solar Beam.

Developers have changed Zapdos, which gives 30 energy now. This will balance the game towards the last two minutes, where matches were dependent entirely on taking Zapdos.

Dreadnaw has also seen nerfs with reduced Shield and experience after KO. Changes to Rotom now give increased movement speed, HP and Attack when trainers are moving toward a goal. It will bust the time in the goal area for a little longer than before, which is a buff to Rotom.

New Pokemon and Game Mode

Greedent is the newest addition to the game. It is a defender with a HP recovery Unite Move and looks like a mobile character.

Halloween Night in Mer Stadium is the new game mode where players can throw Pumpkins at enemy Pokemon instead of Battle Items. Developers have changed the stadium to make the game mode possible.

Other New Additions

Some of the other exciting changes include new music for the lobby and new rewards like Holowear sets to go with the Halloween theme.

Feature Image: Pokemon Unite