Pokemon Unite Confirms Decidueye And A New Patch

Pokemon Unite Confirms Decidueye And A New Patch

Brace yourselves for a new busted Pokemon and some exciting new adjustments to the game.

The second season of Pokemon Unite was underwhelming, to say the least. The community has complained about minor changes and addition to the game with the arrival of a fresh season. However, the game has confirmed that a new Pokemon is coming out in the upcoming weeks. The new patch will be coming on November 10.


Although there hasn’t been an official confirmation saying that Decidueye is coming, Pokemon Unite’s Twitter post makes it pretty obvious.

The Pokemon’s abilities have not been leaked or confirmed yet, but based on previous releases, we can assume that it is going to be overpowered when it comes out.

The New Patch

According to the official Japanese Pokemon Unite Twitter page, the patch nerfs Greedent and introduces balance changes to others. Previously, Greedent was obnoxious to deal with. The reduction in its Cheek Pouch HP recovery will surely affect its presence in the game. There is also a reduction to the Stuff Cheeks shield. Although Bullet Seed damage has been increased, Belch sees a higher cooldown and lower damage.

Alolan Ninetales has also received buffs, including an increase in stats of Special Attack, a decrease in Blizzard’s cooldown and increase in its damage, which helps it quite a lot.

Developers also buffed Gardevoir by increasing Psychic’s secondary effects and reducing the cooldown. However, these changes will probably not affect the Pokemon much, as it has a weak laning stage. Until they do something about Gardevoir’s early game abilities or stats, it will not improve.

Some other balance updates include bug fixes to Sylveon, Garchomp and Pikachu. Item changes buff Potion by increasing its recovery. X Speed also sees a movement speed increase, while Full Heal received a bug fix where it did not remove status effects.

Featured Image: Pokemon Unite

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