Players May Face Disqualification from PGL Major if Found Covid Positive

Day 1 Challenger Stage match-ups determined

With the PGL Major just 5 days away now, the Romanian TO has passed their official ruling regarding the safety and precautionary measures to be taken to ensure smooth functioning of the event.

In the ruling communicated to the teams, PGL asked all the teams, players and the staff involved to follow the Swedish Health Protocols at all times. With regards to a player returning a positive test the ruling states that the player “may not be able to continue playing in the tournament and may be disqualified”. There are no particular restrictions on what the team members can do during their free time but they may be subject to penalties or disqualification if found guilty of endangering themselves and others around them, putting the tournament at risk.

Unlike the previous LANs hosted by ESL in the form of IEM Cologne 2021 and IEM Fall RMR, where players had the option to play from their hotel rooms if they tested positive, PGL doesnt allow players to do that as the Major is an arena event set to take place inside the Aviici Arena with a crowd.

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All these mandates and regulations must be followed by teams, as any laziness by them could put others at risk of contracting the virus as well as putting  PGL in jeopardy, as they had to fight tooth and nail with the Swedish Government to make sure that the event could take place in Stockholm.

PGL Major Stockholm starts on 26th October, with the New Challengers Stage.

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