Pinnacle announces Esports Hub for new esports betting content

Pinnacle announces Esports Hub for new esports betting content

Esports Hub is the latest addition to Pinnacle Solution’s esports platform. Pinnacle Solution is the B2B branch of sportsbook operator Pinnacle.

The Esports Hub, created particularly for esports lovers, provides end-users with esports betting content via a smooth UX and dark-themed aesthetic that has been adapted to customer feedback.

The Esports Hub’s introduction of live broadcasting across all platforms, as well as data-rich scoreboards that both inform betting decisions and bring the frenzied dynamic of in-play esports action to life, will help live bettors as well.

The Esports Hub will give partners an additional tool to stand out from the crowd in the increasingly competitive B2C market, with Pinnacle’s 11 years of experience trading esports underlying an authentic product proven to appeal to clients around the world.

The Esports Hub can be integrated with the supplier’s esports product immediately, either as an add-on to their existing sportsbook or as part of a fully-serviced, plug-and-play sports betting solution.

“As the only managed trading service with skin in the esports game, we understand first-hand the problems that operators confront,” stated CEO Paris Smith. The Esports Hub enables partners to take advantage of this expertise and provide an award-winning offering tailored to the demands of their esports consumers.

“Esports betting is a separate vertical from traditional sports betting, and this B2B product gives the community with a betting destination tailored to how they choose to engage with esports, while also providing operators with new revenue streams and increased hold potential.”