PewDiePie lashes out of Travis Scott over concert stampede » TalkEsport

PewDiePie lashes out of Travis Scott over concert stampede » TalkEsport

Photo: PewDiePie

Popular rapper Travis Scott is under fire for not stopping his Astroworld live performance when a stampede was underway among the audience where 8 people lost their lives with several more injured.

Scott has released an apology video claiming that he was unaware of the situation among the crowd which is why he went ahead with his performance. With over 100,000 people amassed for the concert in Houston, Texas, the unfortunate event unfolded, and nothing was done about it until it was too late.

PewDiePie aka Felix Kjellberg, while going through several online articles reporting about the incident, felt that enough responsibility wasn’t taken and eventually slammed the rapper for the incident.

 “The more I look into it, the more insane it actually is,” he said. “…It’s normal that things get out of control at concerts, but what isn’t normal is that no one did anything about it. It blows my mind!” he said.

 “I don’t understand how you can defend him not seeing anything, there is no excuse.

“I think Travis Scott thought it was cool how it was so crazy and out of control at his concert that he just didn’t care. He probably didn’t realize the severity of the situation but at the same time, it shouldn’t matter. You are still responsible when you look after all these people.” he continued.

Pewds claimed that he understands that Travis might not have been fully aware of the incident at the time but at the same time he believes the rapper to be faking his emotions in the apology video.

“He’s doing this weird thing that kids do when they apologize because they don’t really know how to fake cry so they just start rubbing their face. I’ve definitely seen kids do this,” said PewDiePie.

The incident has taken a serious legal route, with several lawsuits hanging over Scott’s head, now it is up to the authorities to find out what truly happened at the concert and what instigated the stampeded.