paiN Gaming Complete Comeback to Eliminate Sharks from PGL CSGO Major

paiN Gaming Complete Comeback to Eliminate Sharks from PGL CSGO Major

Sharks become the second team after GODSENT to be eliminated from the PGL Major, making it 2/2 Brazilian teams going out from the Challengers stage. Coming from the South American region, no one had high hopes from Sharks but today they showed up in buckets and spades. They won the first map, and were up 15-9 on the second, looking set for a 2-0. But that’s where inexperience and mental resilience came into play as they lost the map in overtime and got absolutely annihilated in the third to bow out of the competition. 


1. Sharks removed Overpass

2. paiN removed Mirage

3. Sharks picked Vertigo

4. paiN picked Ancient

5. paiN removed Dust2

6. Sharks removed Inferno

7. Nuke was left over

MAP 1 : paiN Gaming 16-19 Sharks

Both the games that paiN had lost until this point had been the closest score lines possible with 16-14. Today was no different as the first map went to overtime as well. Both paiN and Sharks had commendable CT sides as they put 9 rounds each. The T side was pretty lackluster from paiN though as they could never get things going on full buy rounds and Sharks brought the score to 15-15. Sharks showed their CT prowess even more and clean swept the first half of OT and got the single round needed on the T side too to win at 19-16.

MAP 2 : paiN Gaming 22-20 Sharks

The second map was similar to the first, with lackluster T side and strong CT setups from both the squads. Wasnt much to write home about in the first half, but on the switch Sharks looked unstoppable. They already got 6 rounds out of the 7 they needed within the first 9 rounds of the half and the scores read 15-9. paiN looked well on their way home but that is when AWPer ‘saffee’ came alive to bring his side back on track, and took them to OT. The game went to 2 overtimes before paiN finally closed the map 22-20 to take us to Nuke.

MAP 3 : paiN Gaming 16-4 Sharks

Despite being incredibly resilient, Sharks crumbled at the last hurdle. The comeback from paiN broke them it seemed, as after the first 7 rounds of play, they couldnt get a single one. paiN – because of their experience in NA, won 13 rounds in a row to complete the fairytale comeback and remain in contention in the Major.

Sharks are now eliminated along with GODSENT, while paiN sit at 1-2 and still have a shot at the Legends Stage. Astralis, Tyloo, Renegades, Mouz and Movistar Riders too are 1-2 and will have a shot tomorrow. paiN will play Astralis to survive the Challenger’s Stage.