One memory to rule them all? New ‘superlattice’ material promises an efficient world of universal memory

Macro view of the group of computer PC DRAM memory modules circuit board PCB with selective focus effect

Ever wondered what the perfect memory chip would be like? Well, it would have to be faster than the best DRAM, store data for decades at a time so it could be used like flash memory, and use less energy than both for high efficiency. That might sound like a pipe dream but a team of researchers has developed a prototype material that could be the stepping stone needed to make it a reality.

This isn’t a new idea, of course, and we’ve talked about the progress of ULTRARAM in the past. That’s also in the research and development phase but it has the potential to reach the market, as it works completely as intended right now. The only problem is that the manufacturing of it needs to be significantly scaled up, with the cost dropping right down before it could be used instead of DRAM and NAND flash.