NiKo Shines as G2 Eliminate NiP from PGL Major to Go Through to the Semi-Finals » TalkEsport

NiKo Shines as G2 Eliminate NiP from PGL Major to Go Through to the Semi-Finals » TalkEsport

The international roster defeated the Home team in a swift 2-0 series, with the Ninjas falling flat at every step to bow out in 5-8th.

This is G2s first semi-final appearance at a Major since DreamHack Cluj Napoca Major in 2015, almost 6 years since that Major in Romania. The Kovac brothers powered them to a convincing 16-11 on Inferno and also on Mirage with the same score to continue their undefeated run at PGL Stockholm.


1. NIP removed Vertigo

2. G2 removed Overpass

3. NIP picked Inferno

4. G2 picked Mirage

5. G2 removed Nuke

6. NIP removed Dust2

7. Ancient was left over

The first map started with absolute wreckage from Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac and co. They didn’t let the Swedes win any consecutive rounds and were 10-1 up after 11 rounds. The crowd was dead silent at this display from the Swedes, as they were flying high after their qualification to the Legends Stage. G2 had their fair share of clutches as well, with nexa first, and then huNter- going ham in the second half. But it was ‘NiKo’ that truly set the stage on fire with 23 CT kills and only 8 deaths.

After a 12-3 half, G2 let their foot off the pedal and NiP seemed to mount a comeback of their own much to the crowd’s pleasure. But G2 comfortably got the 4 needed rounds with a string of 3 towards the end, although things looked scary as the score read 13-11 at one point and NiP were in touching distance.

Things were a little different on Mirage as G2 started on the T side. But good calling from nexa coupled with the Kovac brothers’ Heroics were a question that NiP didn’t have the answer to. G2 was up 8-3 and looked set for a 12-3 half yet again but hampus’ B defense shut it down. G2 ended with 9 T rounds which were more than respectable.

Despite the score lines saying otherwise, NiP were never truly there in the game. They did win the pistol and converted the next but once the guns came out, it seemed all over Red Rover for the home team. G2 went 6 in a row without a round loss, owing it to ‘NiKo’ again, as he took over the server and the crowd, as his experience at the highest level prevailed yet again. G2 ended the map 16-11 again, to move to the semis.

The Kovac brothers had a combined 93 frags, while the rest of G2 had 92 combined.

G2 are through to the Semi Finals of the PGL Major and will play Heroic, after they won vs The semi final will take place on Saturday, as 2 more teams are to be determined between NaVi-Vitality and Gambit-FURIA.