Movistar Riders’ Player Confirms We Will Get Player Autographs for PGL Major

Day 1 Challenger Stage match-ups determined

Movistar Riders’ Rifler Alejandro ‘mopoz’ Fernandez confirmed on Twitter that we will be getting Player Autograph Capsules for the PGL Major in Stockholm. The confirmation comes after a lot of rumours and uncertainty regarding the Sticker capsules.

With no official word from Valve, the community feared that we won’t be getting any Player Autographs this time, something that has been a staple for CSGO Majors since ESL One: Cologne 2015.

In his tweet, ‘mopoz’ said that they have already received messages from Valve to send their signatures, so they could be included in the sticker capsules in the game, making it official.

Since the RMRs ended so late, it left Valve with very little time to confirm the Team Sticker and Player Autograph Capsules, as until the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, the Minors and Qualifiers ended more than 3-4 weeks before the main event.

Stickers are a big source of revenue for Valve themselves, as well as for the Organisations who get their stickers in game, as a percentage of it goes directly to the Teams as well. Hence, it would have been unlikely that Valve would miss out on this opportunity, since Sticker sales have only gone up and up in the last 3 years.

But it is basically confirmed since ‘mopoz’ isn’t known for being someone who trolls the CS community on a regular basis.