Mouz breeze past Sharks » TalkEsport

Mouz breeze past Sharks » TalkEsport

Under a new logo and a new IGL, Mouz are off to a strong start, taking the win against Sharks in a convincing 16-6 victory on Inferno.

The EU mix, came into the major with a new IGL, and for the first time, without their star in chrisJ. With a relatively younger squad, Mouz had its stars firing on all cylinders, especially their key man Robin ‘ropz’ Kool.

The lack of experience and preparation was evident from Shark’s display on the opening day of the PGL Stockholm Major. Despite mustering a pistol round, Sharks fell flat once the rifles came out. Mouz skipper Christopher ‘dexter‘ Nong led a well-drilled side, that looks ready to take on any opponent.

Inferno was chosen as the map, with Mouz on the defense. Sharks were off to a flying start with a pistol-round victory and capitalizing on Mouz’s force to make it 3-0 right off the bat. Things took a dramatic turn when the rifles came out as Mouz were able to fend off the 3 lost rounds and dominate the Brazilians who managed 2 more rounds on their offense.

Switching at 10-5, the terrorist side was a cakewalk for Mouz, with Shark posting a single round before Mouz were able to close the game 16-6.

A clean victory for the European side, even though it was against a lesser-known opponent. The waters will be truly tested when they face a more experienced side as they will with Heroic in the second round.