More bad news for Ubisoft: it just cancelled another game

Ubisoft has confirmed today that Project Q (opens in new tab), the “PvP battle arena game” that was officially revealed in 2022 after numerous leaks, has been cancelled. This continues the wave of tribulations at the publisher that saw it cancel three unannounced projects and delay Skull & Bones (opens in new tab) for at least six times, news that has seen the studio’s share price cut in half over the last six months.

Project Q first came to light in September 2021 courtesy of a GeForce Now database leak that contained a slew of unannounced game titles—many of which have since proven to be real (opens in new tab). Also included in the list were four games purportedly from Ubisoft with “Project” codenames: Project Meteor, Project Orlando, Project Over, and Project Q. Ubisoft denounced the whole thing as “speculative (opens in new tab),” but of course that was a mistake: It was the only publisher making a stink about it, and so everyone’s attention immediately focused on Ubisoft’s listed games.

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