Mobile Legends Bang Bang: The 3 best heroes and best items to counter Moskov

Moskov is now one of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s most powerful marksman heroes. The Spear of Quiescence, the basic attack of this character has become popular for solo players looking for a competent gold laner who can carry a game on his own after receiving multiple improvements in patch 1.6.18.

Do not worry, this marksman hero shows a lot of weaknesses that can be defeated with the right heroes.

Here is the list of three heroes who perform exceptionally well versus Moskov in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

1. Eudora

In order to win a game against Moskov, the need of choosing heroes who can dominate the early play is important. Here’s Eudora, a character that fits perfectly to take the lead.

This magician hero’s abilities to one-shot any squishy heroes make her ideal against the Spear of Quiescence, or any marksman hero in general.

With her Ball Lightning, Forked Thunder, and Thunder’s Wrath combo, she can kill practically anyone once she reaches level four. Her stun can help your teammates set up moves and prevent him from fleeing with Abyss Walker.

2. Lesley

lesley mobile legends 4K 132

Lesley is often regarded as Moskov’s only rival in the gold lane, and with good reason. She has one of the greatest assault ranges in the game, allowing her to stay out of range of the Spear of Quiescence’s narrow attack range.

Her Master of Camouflage ability also renders her untargetable for a short time, which is ideal for Moskov, who depends primarily on basic assaults.

Finally, with Tactical Grenade, she can easily flee Moskov. Choose Lesley if you want to make your opponent regret choosing the Spear of Quiescence.

3. Chou

MLBB Chou 1

Chou is a great option against any short-range marksman hero in the Land of Dawn, and is considered one of the most adaptable heroes in the Land of Dawn. With Jeet Kune Do, he can close the gap and negate the knockback impact of Spear of Misery.

Chou’s only drawback is that he’s difficult to master if you’re just starting out. If you employ his powers to the maximum potential, he becomes a wandering death trap for Moskov once mastered.

Moskov Counter Items:

1. Blade Armor

Blade Armor

2. Immortality

Immortality 1

3. Twilight Armor

Twilight Armor

4. Brute Force Breastplate


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