Minecraft Now Boasts Over 141 Million Monthly Active Users » TalkEsport

Minecraft Now Boasts Over 141 Million Monthly Active Users » TalkEsport

Mojang and Microsft during their second annual Minecraft livestream of 2021 — The Minecraft Live, revealed all the big updates on the horizon and announcements related to the game that the Minecraft community was eagerly waiting for. 

Mojang Studios revealed some key statistics on the livestream that show Minecraft continues to grow over time. In April 2021, Mojang revealed that Minecraft had more than 140 million monthly active users, and yesterday during the latest Minecraft Live, Mojang revealed the game now boasts over 141 million monthly active users in August. And that’s not all, the game has also sold more copies than some of the biggest launches of the year and the game easily surpassed some popular live service games in terms of revenue. 

Here are some of the key stats that Mojang revealed during the Minecraft Live:

  • Over 141 million monthly active users in Aug. 2021
  • Over $350 million in revenue has been generated by creators in the Minecraft Marketplace 
  • Over 67% of players actively customize their Minecraft experience using the Marketplace
  • Over 1 billion hours have been logged in Minecraft multiplayer
  • Over 201 billion hours of Minecraft YouTube videos were watched in 2020, making it the most-watched topic on YouTube that year

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Released in November 2011, the 10-year-old game is still pulling in such staggering numbers just goes on to show the popularity of the game in today’s oversaturated gaming market. It also goes on to show that the title of the “greatest game ever” is truly deserved for Minecraft. With the announcement of the Minecraft Wilds update and the recently released Cave and Cliffs: Part 2 update, Minecraft will get even more active players and will gain more popularity on Youtube.   

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