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Popular BGMI streamer Krutika Ojha aka Krutika Play’s YouTube channel was terminated following an accidental display of nudity on a live stream.

All live streaming platforms have strict community guidelines against explicit content, specifically against nudity and for good reason, the likes of Krutika Plays are visited by viewers from all age groups, and guidelines are placed to help protect underage children online.

Although, what shows up on the live stream is under the control of the streamer but it gets out of their hand at times, like in the case of the said streamer.

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During a meme review session where she was going through submissions on her discord, she came across an explicit video, which, for obvious reasons did not sit right with the community guidelines resulting in her channel getting terminated.

Meme reviews on a live stream can often result in such accidents, the likes of xQc and many top streamers were victims of the same. There’s enough precedent to suggest that her channel will be reinstated once YouTube does a proper review of the situation.

Several top streamers and personalities have come together to support her in these troubling times. A termination on a channel that boasted a steady growth is a big blow and we hope YouTube takes a look into resolving it as soon as possible.

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