‘It’s surprisingly close to what we had’: Helldivers 2 creative director talks about making supply lines clearer after fans take matters into their own hands

A helldiver, obscured by a halo of white light, stands victorious against a Super Earth flag in Helldivers 2.

There’s been a lot of confusion in Helldivers 2 recently. With some players misunderstanding a recent Major Order and a bit of distracted managed democracy, some are calling for a change to how supply lines are laid out. 

Divers were making a brave effort to liberate the Western Front, fighting with everything they had against the Automatons, but unfortunately, everything fell apart after a mid-order change. Joel (the Game Master) decided to make players choose between defending the planet Draupnir and liberating Ubanea. The sudden change and rapid confusion that spread across the ranks meant that many ended up choosing to fight for Ubanea too late and, therefore, lost access to the planet, a crucial stepping stone to the final goal of the Major Order, Tibit.