I finally bought the massive 4K OLED gaming monitor I’ve been fiending for, and I couldn’t be happier


Last year, a Prime Day deal on a monitor caught my eye (opens in new tab), and I vowed to myself that if I ever had a little extra cash to burn (and if it went on sale again), I’d treat myself to it. The Aorus FO48U (opens in new tab) is a 48-inch 4K 120Hz beast of an OLED gaming monitor and exactly the last thing I needed to make my little office/gamer dad den complete. 

I’ve been in the market for something to put into my home office solely for gaming, as I currently do all my work and gaming on a really nice 32-inch ROG 4K gaming monitor. I wanted something larger to act as a TV as well to pull me away from my desk after hours to play games or stream movies to help wind me down from a day writing about smelling in VR (opens in new tab)


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