How to unlock all weapon attachments in Battlefield 2042

How to unlock all weapon attachments in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has had a better reception from fans than its predecessor which is evident from the number of players grinding it. The game comes with new weapons and attachments which are refreshing to have and challenging to unlock.

The game’s wide array of weapons are complemented by an equally wide range of attachments that go along. These attachments add different perks to the gun which aids in firefights and can often be decisive in critical situations. Lesser-used guns can at times become effective with the right attachments let alone the top tiers ones which makes them an important facet of the game.

Having guns doesn’t mean that you get access to the attachments which themselves require some grinding.

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Here’s how Battlefield 2042 players can unlock weapon attachments faster using the Portal exploit:

  • Unlock the weapon.
  • Go to Battlefield Portal from the Main Menu.
  • Look for Browse Community Experiences at the bottom.
  • Log into any match with “XP Grind” or “Bot Lobby” in the server name.
  • These lobbies have opponents full of bots with only 1HP and are carrying a knife.
  • Kill all enemies using the weapon that needs unlocking of attachments.
  • New unlocked attachments will land into the Collection menu.

This process is repeatable and might soon get patched out of the game but as long as it is there, this is the best way to unlock as many attachments as possible with little effort.

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