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Valorant has its own MMR (Matchmaking Rating) system like other competitive FPS titles like CSGO. While can easily check out your rank and stats of your previous matches, there isn’t any official way to find out others’ ranks and their previous match histories until you add them to your friend list. However, we’ve got your back with a way to stalk others’ Valorant profiles along with their ranks and stats. provides a lot of information about a player that can be accessed without adding him/her to your friend list. Even though, reveals player information of a lot of games, we will discuss Valorant only in this article.

How to use

  • Click here to open
  • Then go to the Valorant section.
  • Type the username and tagline of the player on the search bar.
  • Press Enter and you will be able to see all the detailed stats of the player.

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