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Earlier today, Valorant launched a brand new battlepass, a part of the Episode 3 Act 3 and the 3.09 patch update and we at Talksport stumbled upon the most common question asked, “How do I quickly upgrade my battlepass?” 

Battlepass in Valorant is a set of cosmetic items that players can obtain by progressing through the same. Comprising 50 Tiers across 10 acts, the player can earn a certain number of free rewards (marked with the green gradient) and premium prizes (marked with the red gradient).

The paid track can be redeemed by getting the premium version of the ACT 3 Battlepass which would cost you 1000 Valorant points in-game, near to around USD 10$ and 700 INR for players across India.  Each player is given access to a free version of the Battlepass and can earn rewards labeled as “free”. Other prizes are available when you purchase a special Premium version of the Battle Pass.

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Here are some tips and tricks to quickly progress through your free and paid battlepass tracks by gaining a considerable amount of Experience points :

As we all know, the game gets updated with two sets of missions, Daily and Weekly. The weekly missions do yield a mammoth amount of experience points than the daily once. Daily missions at the most would secure you 2000 XP while the weekly missions may reward you upto 21.250  XP.

Although the daily missions are way easy to get done with, the weekly ones might be an uphill task if you’re constantly trying to queue up some long games. You may not worry so as you always get a chance to pile up your current weekly set onto the next week until the final week arrives, prior to the battlepass timer runs out.

Other game modes like Spike Rush, Deathmatch would also help you to further ease down on your current goal but again that might be a slow channel you can farm XP from. Unlike your ranked and unrated games, you would just receive 900 XP from a normal Deathmatch while Spike Rush would gather you 1000 XP towards your experience pool.

You may also choose to purchase the levels if you wish to claim the paid track and not grind the entire thing out. Each level is made available at 200 Valorant Points to purchase.

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