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After a long wait for the last two years, finally, the CSGO Major is back. Players are very excited as the PGL Stockholm Major has started. Do you know what makes any CSGO Major more intriguing? The Pick’Em Challenge.

The PGL Stockholm Major also comes with the Pick’Em Challenge, in which you can participate after buying the Viewer Pass. Once you buy the pass, you are now able to get the PGL Stockholm Major Souvenir packages.

Souvenir packages are limited-edition weapon skin containers. Inside a container, you will receive a souvenir skin. These packages can only be acquired during the Majors sponsored by Valve.

How to get PGL Stockholm Major Souvenir Packages?

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First of all, you need to purchase the Souvenir Tokens. You can earn those tokens by leveling up the event coin or you need to buy each token for $3. However, you can save $1 just by purchasing the pass + 3 tokens bundle combo.

Then you need to choose a match between two teams. Based on the maps they played, you will receive skin from one of the map-based skin collections.

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