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Through the Free percent event, the Diwali event is coming to a conclusion, and other events are taking its place to keep the game interesting. Here’s all you need to know about the Free Fire Booyah Gun Skin Trial, which gives users free weapon skins for a short time.

Free Fire is a popular battle Royale game in which players must defeat their opponents and be the last person standing to win. The game includes a variety of events. To keep things moving and to hand out goodies to the players from time to time. Trial Cards are all the rage in the game, but these events rarely deliver free Cosmetic.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Free Fire Booyah Gun Skin Trial.

This is a mission-based event where participants must complete a number of missions in order to receive the rewards. The event is currently accessible and will be available till November 13th, 2021.

The Free Fire Booyah Gun Skin Trial offers a diverse selection of epic and legendary gun skins that can be utilised for a limited time.

• Play 1 Match: M60-Viper Gangster (14 Days)

• Booyah 1 Time: M1887-Hand of hope ( 14 Days)

• Booyah 3 times: AWM-Vandal Revolt ( 14 Days)

• Booyah 5 times: SPAS12-Urban Rager ( 14 Days)

• Booyah 7 times: weapon Royale Voucher x3

How do you avail the Prizes? Do not worry we’ve got you covered !

• First, launch The Free Fire App on your smartphone or tablet.

• Then, on the right side of the screen, navigate to the Calendar section of the game.

• On the upper left, select the Event tab.

• On the upper left, select the Events tab.

The prize pool will open when you click on the “Warm-up to Booyah” event on the left side of the page.

• The Prizes can be claimed in this section when you’ve completed the objectives.

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