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If you are an ardent CSGO player, you definitely do a lot of practice in the game. Don’t you? However, warmups come before starting your practice every time and yes it is very annoying. We’ve got your back. Keep reading this article to know how to end warmup in CSGO.

How to end warmup in CSGO with bots?

  • Launch CSGO
  • Enter into a private server and a 60-seconds timeout will be there for you.
  • Go to settings and enable developer console.
  • Click “`” to open the console.
  • There you need to run the “mp_warmup_end” command to end the warmup.
  • To run this command every offline match, enter mp_warmuptime “0” command inside your config.cfg file.

How to end 15 seconds freeze time on spawn?

  • Click “`” to open the console.
  • Run mp_freezetime “0”; mp_restartgame “1” commands to restart the game and start without any freeze time.

How to end warmup on CSGO rcon server?

  • Click “`” to open the console.
  • Run rcon mp_warmup_end to end the warmup.
  • If you want to remove the warmup completely run rcon mp_warmuptime “0”; rcon mp_restartgame “1” commands.

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