How to counter Aamon in Mobile Legends; hero picks and items

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Aamon is a new playable hero added with Mobile Legends’s S22 patch, and is quickly becoming an all-time favorite among assassin players.

Yes that’s right, Aamon is a new hero in the Assassin class — one that’s capable of dishing out large amounts of damage in a short span of time.

In this guide, we will be covering different ways on how to counter Aamon.

Understanding Aamon and his abilities

In case you didn’t already know, Aamon happens to be Gusion’s older brother in the Mobile Legends lore.

Similar to Gusion, Aamon is what we’d typically regard as an Assassin-Mage, where his abilities are magic-based — skills where damage is not reduced by armor, and his basic attacks deal lower damage to turrets and creeps.

Aamon also has the ability to go invisible, making him a very challenging hero to go up against.

How Aamon is typically played

Like any assassin hero, Aamon’s role is to pick-off weaker heroes (mainly Marksmen, Mages, and other Assassins) during and after team-fights.

While Aamon dishes out lots of damage, he is pretty weak and can easily be gunned down if he is caught off-guard.

What makes Aamon very fearsome is his ability to go invisible after executing his spells, which makes him very similar to Natalia.

That being said, one can safely assume that Aamon will be spending most of his time lingering around the bushes and roaming around your jungle area.

In a typical engagement, Aamon would execute his abilities in the following manner:

  1. Cast a spell to go invisible (he may do it before engagement, or open the engagement with a spell).
  2. Roam around the opponent (while invisible) and attack from a point they would least expect it.
  3. Ultimate-skill (dealing a large amount of burst damage and turning invisible again).
  4. Escape OR chase the enemy and go for the kill.

How to Counter Aamon

Aamon’s high burst damage coupled with his ability to go invisible can make countering him extremely challenging, especially for low HP heroes like marksmen and mages.

However despite that being said, Aamon can also be fairly easy to counter, provided one knows what his next moves/steps are.

Unlike Natalia who is capable of dishing out huge amounts of damage in a split second, Aamon takes a slightly longer amount of time to unload his spells on an opponent.

This in itself gives you a small window of opportunity to run/blink away before he returns for the killing blow.

Aamon also does not have any ability to quickly ‘blink’ away (unless he uses the “Flicker” Battle Spell), forcing him to rely solely on his invisibility to escape.

Aamon’s abilities.

Heroes to counter Aamon

Aamon has both range and close-ranged abilities, making it fairly challenging to avoid taking damage.

So the key to countering Aamon is to shut him down before he is able to cast any of his spells — pretty much the same playbook to counter nearly every Assassin hero:

  • Stunning / disabling him before he gets close
  • Using ‘thicker’ (stronger heroes)
  • Buying more defensive gear

Aamon Item Counters

Considering Aamon deals magic damage very similar to mages, items to counter him would be anything that could:

  • Reduce magic damage (magic defence) items
  • Items to increase HP significantly
  • Prevent him from instantly you down with his ‘ultimate’ (Winter truncheon)

In Conclusion

Aamon is a hero that players tend to focus on easy kills, early game.

He does not farm fast without items, and is generally very weak against multiple targets.

As the game progresses, his damage starts to plateau (like most mages), making it harder to kill off oppownents fast.

The key is to stick together, pick “tankier” heroes, buy magic defence, and wait it out until your team is strong enough where his existence is insignicant.