Halo Infinite might just pull off an open world rebirth

Take away the grappling hook and Halo Infinite doesn’t work. In an interview with 343’s developers this week, I learned the grappling hook began as an experiment in multiplayer, and the proposal to integrate it into the campaign was a heart attack moment for the campaign’s designers. Suddenly players would be able to get on top of buildings, grab weapons from afar, leap over walls that would otherwise be serious obstacles. Would it even still feel like Halo if Master Chief was a little bit Spider-Man? But they tried it, and it didn’t take long for the naysayers to come around.

It was the right choice. The grappling hook feels like a cipher that unlocks a secret corner of Halo’s open-ended sandbox we never knew we were missing. This is Nic Cage finding a hidden code on the Declaration of Independence, but for Halo.


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