GPU leaker is claiming RDNA 4 engineering samples are boosting between 3 and 3.3GHz. Remember when AMD said that about RNDA 3?

A rendered image of the blocks inside an AMD GPU

Another week, another new GPU rumour! Travelling through the hallways of the web is a claim that AMD’s forthcoming RDNA 4 graphics chips will potentially be running at a clock level much higher than we’ve seen before from Team Red. Specifically, the claims suggest the higher-end version of the next-gen GPUs can boost up to 3.3GHz, a full 20% more than any RDNA 3 chip on the market.

Who’s making this claim? Moore’s Law is Dead, of course, and since the leaker doesn’t have a flawless record when it comes to making accurate predictions (or ‘leaks’, if you prefer), then it’s important to not read too much into any of this. On the other hand, it still makes for a good discussion point as to what AMD can do with its next series of Radeon graphics cards to make them stand out even more from the crowd.