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Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2024

The highly anticipated Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2024 event has kicked off on February 5th, and players of the open-world RPG have until February 26th to get their hands on various free in-game rewards including a Xingqiu skin and 4-star selector by simply participating in the event.

During the event, players can find several characters scattered throughout the Liyue Harbor after completing the third act of the event quest. With a total of 13 characters to find in the Lantern Rite 2024 Genshin Impact event, players may feel confused when looking for all the characters.

If you’re having difficulties finding all the 13 characters in the Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2024 event, we have you covered.

Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2024: All Character Locations

Below, we have included a list of all the characters available to find in the Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2024 event and their locations. Following this list, you’ll be able to find all the 13 characters of the event:

Characters Location
Charlotte Docks near the paper theater puzzle NPC
Gaming and Yip Tak Opposite to the Liyue Harbor Souvenir Shop
Ganyu and Shenhe Wanmin Restaurant – East of Liyue Harbor
Keqing and Xianyun Behind the Adventure Guild in Liyue Harbor
Mountain Shaper and Moon Carver Menogias statue
Vlad and Nadia Docks near the Menogias statue
Xiao Pervases’ Temple – West of Liyue Harbor
Yaoyao and Qiqi Above Xinyue Kiosk in Liyue Harbor

That’s everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact Lantern Rite event character locations in Genshin Impact.